Albacete vs Tarragona

Albacete got one of the most difficult places in the league, giving a
1-1 draw with Lugo away. Excellent in defense, gave the ball to the
opponent from the start and tried to threaten counter-attacks. In the
repeat he got in badly, he accepted phases from the opponent and stayed
back in 58 (1-0), reacted directly and equalized to 62 (1-1). In the
rest of the match he had a better mind than the opponent and if he was
more careful, he could even leave with the double.

Albacetes second game, after winning Alcorcon (2-0 home), remained in
11th place with 32 points, at +3 from the dangerous zone. Inside counts
seven wins, three draws and an equal number of defeats with 17-13 goals.
Arroyo (Defender, 20, 0). The cards were filled in by Ersse (Average,
24, 1), the long-standing problems for coach Martine.

On the other hand, Tarragona left mixed feelings in coach Nanos debut,
staying in the sterile 0-0 with Cadiz in the home. Moderate to bad in
the first half, as long as he threatened another, he was so threatened,
but in loose frames. In the repetition he came in more loudly, missed
enough opportunities to go before, did not have the effective he needed
and was fatally at zero, while he was not particularly threatened by the

Tarragona score after two consecutive defeats by Raús (1-2) and Sporting
Gijon (2-0), rebounded to 18th place with 29 points, just one step above
the dangerous zone and looking for points directly to stay at least
above the danger zone. Outside is more efficient than in, having
accumulated 18 of 29 total points (5-3-5). Muntier (Med., 14, 0), Techer
returns (Med., 11, 1). On the other hand, the injured Ouce (Aggressive,
14, 6), Asubre (striker, 8, 1)

Big fight in Carlos Belmont between two teams fighting for the same
goal, staying in the class. On the one hand, Albacete plays well for the
season and gets the points he wants (mainly at home) and Tarragona, who
has a new coach on the bench and performs better than at home. We should
have been more sharing the set, with enough risk we end up in the draw
of 3.25.

耍法 主队 指数 客队 让分 阿尔巴切特(0.89卡塔尔 半球 塔拉戈纳(1.01卡塔尔(قطر‎