Reus vs Hoya Lorca

365bet体育,With a clear defense, Raús fought back, but was unable to avoid defeat
by 1-0 from Getafe. It went very well for one half, keeping the opponent
away from her home. The repeat failed to stay early in the score (1-0 at
54 ), had no clear mind and freshness to return to the game.

Back to defeat for Reus after winning Barcelona II (1-2) and defeat with
Oviedo (0-0 home), counts just one win in the last eight games (1-3-4).
He fell to 17th place with 30 points, just one point above the positions
leading to the demo. Its the queen of the draw, counting 12 in 25 games.
Inside counts three wins, eight draws and two defeats with a 10-10
score. Olomouc (Defender, 22, 1), Miramon (Defender, 17, 0), Ch.
Dominguez (Defender, 16, 2), Kerol (Aggressive, 11, 1) and Yonda
(Midfielder, 6-0). Unique defeat of the injured Vaz (striker, 10, 0).

On the other hand, Lorca proved once again worthy of her fate, knowing
the 2-1 defeat from Almeria at home. He got better in the game and he
was right to take the lead with a penalty shoot-out at 12 (1-0). At the
beginning of the repeat he accepted the equation (1-1 in 48 ), lost his
temper and gave more rights to the opponent, resulting in the defeat
goal coming from 76 minutes of the match (1-2).

Fifth consecutive defeat for Lorca with Fabriz on the bench and ninth
overall (seven of them took two goals and more), counts a win in the
last 12 games (1-1-10), the double in Tarragona (0 -2). Always in
dangerous places, it is 24th with 16 points, the difference from the
stay has increased to 13 and more her work on staying has made it
difficult to do, especially when she performs such appearances. It has
one of the worst defenses with 42 goals pass.

The lack of retaliation in the attack is paid by Reus, who is looking
for points for the stay. On the other hand, Lorca continues to be in
poor shape, easily accepts goals and has no more room for losses, he has
to make wins. In our own eyes, he seems to be very ambitious and so we
will leave it in his silence.

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